a verse a day keeps cold at bay

For if verses like these shall bring back your warmth,

gladly I’d yield to the harshest of winds.


My Experience in CIE

“So tell us, what’s your plan for the future? Teaching of course, right?”

“Not really. Student. I want to remain a student forever.”

With that statement in my heart I entered CIE. My experience here so far has only encouraged me to keep my word. Stepping into the campus strangely calmed me down. The red-bricked walls, long corridors, scores of majestic palms in red gamlas, random green plants crawling across the balcony walls, familiar canteen samosas, the 8 rupaya wala chai, photocopy wala corner, that dusty lonely corner in the library where dampish hands rarely venture… This world had been my world for seven full years. That strange calmness is perhaps a taste of my own little prodigal daughter’s return. Largely simply, I felt at home.

Nonetheless, every new beginning brings with it a thousand other new beginnings. I have before me a whole lot of many news, from a whole bunch of new people to very, very familiar concepts in a whole new light. Each day makes all of these a wee bit less new and a wee bit more lovely. And if you ask me why I say so, I can only say for now, learning made it so. One cannot love before one learns– about a person, a thing, a place, an idea, a book, a community, an anything.

CIE is one of my new beginnings today. Tomorrow, it may not be as new anymore but one thing I am certain of today is that, it will surely bring me another beginning. I am here to learn ‘how to be a teacher, the professional teacher’. But when does being a teacher begin and being a student stop? Really never either for me. So when I told them, ‘I want to remain a student forever’, I meant it. My statement has not changed excepting a word, perhaps a doing of CIE so far? You bet!

Now whenever they ask, “So tell us, what’s your plan for the future? Teaching of course, right?”

I’ll answer, “Not really. Learner. I want to remain a learner forever.”

A little too honest…

Brought up a little too far off,
From cities a little too big perhaps.

Met a little sea of people-
Some little big ones and some big little others.

Seen some good many places.
Made some good many mistakes-
Few a little early, few a little late perhaps.

But everywhere this big little heart was taken,
Honest little deeds always did good.
Until today a little card was laid
Not for a play, honestly not.
On it this big little heart would swear-
anything, from anything to everything.

A little portion of friendship lost,
To having been a little too honest…

– awrcn